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Custom Spray Program for Roses
Introductory Offer, Only $49.95


Your Custom Spray Program for Roses will contain recommendation for alternative products and instructions on effective use, specifically designed for your individual needs.

Please fill out this form to order your Custom Spray program.
You may also download our printable form (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF) if you would like to fax or mail your information.

This extensive form will help us to understand your individual needs. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

You will be asked for contact and payment information when you proceed to checkout.

To view a sample Custom Spray Program, click here (coming soon).

Insects, mites and disease organisms can develop resistance to a specific pesticide if that product is used repeatedly. Resistance can envetually lead to product failure and the creation of a "superbug". This is one of the reasons we carry such a wide assortment of plant protection chemicals. By offering alternatives we can create spray programs to disrupt the target pest's ability to build resistance.

If you are interested in Custom Spray Programs for other crops, please contact us by email at or call (805) 569-2257.

Your Name (required):
Your Email Address

1. When it comes to your roses, would you describe yourself as a ( ) rose grower.






2. How many roses do you have?

3. Check the box (N) none, (L) light, (M) moderate, or (H) heavy that best describes the primary insects and diseases you are trying to prevent or control? If you cannot identify the main pest problems please refer to our Galleries.

Insects Diseases

Flower Thrips
Japanese Beetle
Rose Slug
Spider Mites

Black Spot
Downey Mildew
Flower Blight
Powdery Mildew

List any others:

Additional comments:

4. Check the box (E) excellent, (G) good, (F) fair, (P) poor, or (D) don't know that best describes the cultural and environmental conditions in your rose garden.

soil type
water quality
sun exposure

air circulation

Other pertinent cultural or environmental factors:

5a. List the Pesticides you are currently using:

5b. Fungicides list brands:

5c. Insecticides list brands:

5d. Are you satisfied with the materials you are currently using?
Yes No Somewhat

5e. Do you currently have pesticides less than two years old you'll need to use up? yes no
If so, what kind and how much do you have left?

*Note: materials older than 2 years may have exceeded their viable shelf life and may need to be disposed of through local hazardous material collections.

6a. Have you ever used spray adjuvants (spray additives that enhance efficacy)?
yes no

6b. Check which type of spray equipment you own?
1 to 3 gal. hand sprayer Backpack sprayer Hose-end sprayer
Motorized tank sprayer other

6c. May we recommend the appropriate use of spray equipment for your size garden? yes no

6d. How many gallons of mixed spray solution do you normally use?

6e. How often do you spray your roses?
every 7 to 10 days semi-monthly monthly quarterly
as needed other explain

7. Are there any sensitive areas located near your rose garden that cannot be avoided when spraying?
neighbors fish pond pet area veg. garden
fruit trees others explain

8. Do you have any preference as to the type of material we recommend?
organic systemic contact lowest cost
longest lasting no preference best possible method
other explain

9. Can we include the appropriate pesticide measuring device?
yes no

10. Will you need any personal protective equipment?
yes no

11. Will you need any personal protective equipment:
gloves goggles disposable spray coveralls
respirator vinyl apron others

12. Other comments:

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